Stroke Class Reviews

25+ Reviews of the Stroke Class Exercise Program


Erin MacDonald, Canada

Stroke Class is a fantastic tool to help individuals get moving again after injury. Best part is you can do it from home or wherever you are. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Supriya Sircar Dasgupta, India

as a stroke recovery person, i find susan s programme excellent and comprehensive. i like her friendly one to one approach.


Lynne Cameron, UK

I love Stroke Class. Before my stroke I was an exercise class addict going to Zumba, aerobics,and lots of other classes. It’s so good to be able to take part in a class that is tailored to my level. Sue is very encouraging and her enthusiasm really drives me to continue. I’d really recommend these classes. Thank you Sue.


Gene Reider, USA

Great program-when my insurance ran out,I started doing your exercises-went from maybe 50% function to 80%-still improving-thank you


Helen Keramidas, Australia

I just did my first class at home so good and easy. Very motivating instead of a list to do, 45min later it pastes fast and feel great. Thank you for the video I'm hooked now.


Sandra Grossman, USA

As a stoke survivor, let me tell you that your videos have done more for me than any therapy I had in the past. Thank you for caring!


David Patterson, UK

Great and very easy to follow and she is so cheerful it makes you want to do the exercises.


Tomas Alonso, Spain

I had a hemorrhagic stroke in 2016. The people at the hospital were great but I wish they had told me about you when they sent me home. I believe that I would be ahead with my recovery. In any case, I am now enjoying your exercises an I THANK YOU


Katarzyna Switaj, USA

Every day I do exercises with her☺


Dorothyanne Brown, Canada

This class is awesome even if you haven’t had a stroke! I have MS and I find doing Sue’s exercises really help with my balance and strength. Highly recommended- they’re even fun - and you know with Sue Ehler behind them you are getting the RIGHT exercises to help and not hurt you!


Peggi Breen, USA

I had my stroke and have MS also. A lot of the exercises on the the video's shown I am doing myself at home with my PT OT as have this week and 2 more weeks left then will be doing outside therapy. No these exercises will not hurt you unless you have a bad back so I've got to do less strenuous ones but still good and strengthen you.


Linda Hughes, USA

The class has helped me immensely.


Amanda Marius Meyer, South Africa

I didn't have any medical support after my stroke. I descovered stroke class on Google and did the exercises every day. After about 8 weeks I was strong enough to go back to work. Thanks Sue xxxx


Fiona Macleod, Australia

For me Stroke Class represents the vital next step in the recovery journey. My hospital rehab is over – I am not yet fully recovered and this helped answer the question, well what’s next?


Lorraine Morris, Canada

The exercise classes have become a very important of my day, my balance has improved and I no longer fall down


Janet Calder, Canada

It gets me to exercise everyday and i enjoy following along with susan

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